The functional and aesthetic importance of the light element in kitchen hoods.



The increasingly central role that the cooker hood has taken on in recent years has led Sirius to constantly adapt its products to the needs of the international market, through feasibility studies and projects that have increased performance and brought all-round improvements.

The hood's task of purifying the home environment from condensation and odours, creating optimal air recirculation is now completed by the function of a lighting element.

The hood installation necessarily occupies a space in which a cone of shadow would have been created if there were no light elements.

For Sirius, the addition of the light element and the right level of brightness on the hob has been a necessity since the first standard production models in the 1990s.

Sirius' dedication to the study of this accessory element has grown since 2007 during the boom in ceiling hood models.

The result of this work was the production of numerous models called  'illuminated', which were presented in 2019 at LivingKitchen in Cologne and at EuroCucina/FTK in Milan in 2022.

It was with the HALO LIGHT ceiling hood that Sirius inaugurated the creative season on the theme of light.

The aim was to create a perfect balance between suction and brightness.

The suction mouth of the Halo ceiling hood is complemented by the descending light ring, equipped with the latest generation of LEDs and a high-efficiency opal diffuser, which allows uniform distribution of light and ensures high visual comfort.

The Sirius Luce range includes full LED models such as Origami, Screen, Zendra ceiling hoods or the SL907 built-in unit.


Screen range hood SCREEN


Other hood models are characterised by the presence of a luminous element, of various shapes, descending on the worktop, as in Line, Kite, Kite light, Halo, Halo light.

All other models, such as downdraft, built-in units and wall hoods, are equipped with LED bars or spotlights, which, in combination with the material used and their positioning, are designed to provide the proper lighting of the hob and surrounding environment.


SL 927 front LED bar and glass panel with anti-condensation technology SL 927 anti-drop with front LED bar and glass panel with anti-condensation technology



Recent years have focused on the development of dynamic lighting: Sirius hoods allow you to manage the lighting according to your preferences, allowing you to modulate both the intensity, increasing or decreasing its power, and to choose the colour, from warm light to cold light (temperature from 2700 to 6500°k), thus adapting the hood's lighting to that of the domestic environment.