SIRIUS S.p.A. operates in the field of ventilation and domestic air purification, especially kitchen extractor hoods. Established in 1996, it was the first company in the branch to perceive the new demands of contemporary kitchen living; investing, creating and placing absolute novelties on the market. Our challenge has always been to break the mould in the world of cooker hoods and experiment with new alternative ways:


In 1997, the use of the aluminium motor, which thanks to its characteristics, lightness and performance, also played an important role in the aesthetic design of the subsequent models because, for example, the lower weight of the motor made it easier to use materials such as glass;


2005 saw the conception of the downdraft hood, a downdraft hood designed to be a high-performance yet discreet appliance that descends back into the compartment once it has been switched off;


In 2007, ceiling hoods were introduced for a new way of conceiving the kitchen environment;


In 2014, they collaborated with Deruta's master ceramists to create a collection of totally handmade products;


In 2020 a new and avant-garde way of conceiving the appliance with the design of Supernova, the first fully automatic kitchen hood;


In 2022 with the Smart Air Management System, a patented system that allows the performance of a filtering, suction and purifying hood in a single product.


Professional training, cooperation and team spirit are our philosophy. Our ideas, research and selection of individual components, vision of every detail and attention paid to the smallest detail are our best and most advanced solutions towards continuous development of exclusive products. The professionalism and experience of our technical department, the collaboration with our customers and the selection of each component allow us to realise exclusive technologies and innovative products.


We work with passion. Production for Sirius is continuous professional and qualitative growth, which is expressed daily in the selection of raw materials, the care of finishes and the improvement of production processes through investment in research and development. All this enables Sirius to produce innovative products with unique and timeless designs.


The focus on the product as a whole has prompted Sirius to implement its departments with the addition of an in-house laboratory in which we can preliminarily perform the following tests: Life test, Noise test, Illumination test (lux), Flow test, Filtering test, Stand-by test, In-use functionality test.

New ideas that have been transformed into products thanks to technical and manufacturing skills and that have been successful on the market thanks to a careful and dynamic sales policy.

It is precisely this ability to succeed in transforming good ideas into products by combining creativity, production and marketing that has allowed the company to grow steadily, quickly becoming a European leader in the sector of high quality decorative hoods, produced strictly in Italy, with a 90% export rate that allows it to penetrate the global market with careful consideration of structural and financial balance