Sirius S.p.A. works in the sector of purification and ventilation of household air, particularly in the field of cooker hoods. Founded in 1996, it was the first company in the field to foresee the new applications of living the contemporary kitchen environment, by investing in, creating, introducing in the market utter innovations: the aluminum motor in 1997; downdrafts, ceiling hoods, the cooperation with the ceramic masters of Deruta for the realization of entirely hand – made products.

Thanks to skillful technical and manufacturing abilities, new ideas transformed into products that had a great success on the market by virtue of a careful and dynamic commercial policy.

It is this ability to turn good ideas into products by combining creativity, manufacturing and marketing that allowed the company to constantly grow, becoming in a short time the European leader in the field of high – end decorative cooker hoods. These products are rigorously produced in Italy, with an export rate of 90% that accounts for a strong penetration of the global market with a careful consideration of the financial and structural balance.


1997 the FIRST one to use the aluminum motor
2005 the FIRST one to market the downdraft hood
2007 the FIRST one to market the ceiling hood
2014 the FIRST one to create range hoods in ceramic
2019 the FIRST one to market a new concept of hood


Our work is a factor in promoting human well-being, society and the environment.


Responsibility and respect for the rules are our guidelines to ensure the sustainable growth of people, territory and society.


Curiosity, imagination and initiative are essential components of our way of thinking, being and working.


With passion and extreme attention to every single detail, we seek excellence to excite and amaze.


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