The space-saving system inside the wall unit.



The role of the kitchen hood, for the elimination of odours created by cooking food, condensation or simply for rapid air recirculation, has become increasingly central, especially in an age when the kitchen itself has become part of the larger concept of conviviality.

Sirius' design for built-in units aimed at transforming the inside of the hood, changing its shape, in order to safeguard space in the wall unit compartment that would have been lost with the installation of classic models on the market.

Usually those who choose a built-in hood do not want to interrupt the continuity of the kitchen design by inserting a functional element.
They want to give the room a linear and homogeneous look.

It is precisely this design aesthetic and the necessity of the hood's presence for its functionality, that has prompted the industry to introduce a new model over the years: the built-in unit, in which the hood is literally incorporated into the design of the kitchen and covered with the same finish.


Built in under cabinet range hood SLTC 928


Sirius has, year after year, renewed the concept of the built-in unit, adapting it perfectly to what is the message of its brand: continuous innovation by capturing the user's needs, both in terms of design and functionality.
In these models, aesthetic research leaves room for the need for functionality.
For this reason, Sirius continuous research aims at solving the problems encountered in the use of common built-in units by placing, for example, the visible push-button panel as in the SL 919 WING model, placing it on a glass panel, which thanks to the hinges opens allowing the controls to be seen and then closes again, or by installing, in the SL 907 model, a LED panel for greater hob illumination, or again by focusing the models on energy saving and noise reduction with the introduction of ENERGY SAVING technologies.


Sirius has also resolved the issue of clutter inside the kitchen wall unit where the built-in hood is usually installed, by designing new models with a "T shape" structure, designed precisely to make greater use of internal shelves.





The extraction technology is the same and performance assured, only the design of the concealed housing changes.
The new shape of the suction unit allows considerable space saving, transforming the hood itself into a shelf where to place kitchen accessories or various ingredients.
Discover the Sirius models available in this version: SLTC 928 and SLTC 919 WING.


SLTC 919 built in hood SLTC 919 WING