Sirius and its vision on the evolution of the kitchen space.



The face of the kitchen, nowadays, present itself under a new guise.
The kitchen space has changed its meaning: it is no longer a space in itself, used solely and exclusively for preparing food, it becomes experiential. Now it is the connecting bridge between everyday activities: a coffee with friends, homework with the children.

The designs are inspired by a precise desire to combine kitchen and living, creating connections and open spaces.

The presence of these spaces without barriers has pushed the kitchen furniture sector to be increasingly characterised by island or peninsula units, to which ceiling-mounted kitchen hoods can be combined.

These large spaces have emphasised the role of the hood, which in addition to having to be a design element, must be even more functional in maintaining a healthy environment with pure air, free from cooking odours and condensation.

For this reason, many people have been faced with the choice between an island hood or a ceiling hood.




The island hood is an appliance with an imposing, central presence, which Sirius has embellished with a material such as ceramic, worked exclusively by hand, as in the ICON, DERUTA, and HIVE models, or with functionality as in the SYMPHONY, NEMESI or MELODY, equipped with the anti-drop system and designed with shelves designed to be customised with furnishing elements. The modules, with their simple lines and industrial material, have become an iconic product, designed to adapt to all kitchen projects. The SIL 24, also in the touch version (stainless steel and glass), with a classic design inspired by the classic inverted T-shape, equipped with baffle filters that make it very performing.
With these models the visual space is filled and enriched.


A type of Island Hood: SILT 26 DERUTA SILT 26 DERUTA




The ceiling hood, in the most standard Sirius models, shows its most discreet character: an almost invisible appliance, flush with the ceiling, highly performing and silent, perfect for the new spaces without barrier. Not for this, Sirius forgets the aesthetics, just think of the models FRAME, SCREEN, LESS, ATMOS, ZENDRA AND ORIGAMI characterised by different types of LED lighting, or the INSIDE OUT, a hood with a strong technological vision: in fact, it is equipped with a movement system that allows the hood to retract into the compartment installed in the false ceiling when turned off and to descend when it is in operation, to open the suction unit.


An example of Ceiling Hood: Zendra ZENDRA


However, at this point it is necessary to make a technical clarification: the ceiling hood needs for its installation, in most cases, a false ceiling, in which the extractor unit will be placed.


And how to impress even more?
Sirius has combined the two types, creating a fusion between the two models: the ceiling extraction is completed by descending elements able to perfectly illuminate the kitchen top, characterised by LED elements of various shapes, as in the HALO, HALO LIGHT, KITE, KITE LIGHT, LINE or by handmade ceramic elements, as in the SUPERNOVA and SUPERNOVA AUTHOMATIC.