Save fun cooking, we'll take care of the rest.


"The intuitive, after all, does not see things; he perceives nothing but their atmosphere."
(Jung, 1934).


It would be nice to walk into the kitchen and be carried away by the inspiration for a food, take the necessary ingredients and not have to worry about, for example, the drop produced by boiling water or the smells released by cooking from food that spreads throughout the house.

The application of a 'sixth sense' to household appliances has become one of the most explored scenarios in recent years. The desire to breathe life into objects that are part of our daily lives stems from the precise desire to release the man from ancillary and mechanical activities present in his everyday life: Sirius has studied this application in cooker hoods.

Sirius has patented a fully automatic kitchen hood operation system, without the need for human or digital intermediaries such as voice assistants. The idea is to relieve the user of the task of having to determine for himself the degree of suction that the domestic air needs at that precise moment, leaving him all the pleasure of dedicating himself to cooking.

Supernova Automatic, is created by the desire not to leave the user with the task of choosing the suction power, letting himself be diverted by his subjectivity.



A type of Island Hood: SILT 26 DERUTA Automatic range hood: The Supernova Automatic ceiling hood by Sirius




Supernova Automatic is equipped with sophisticated sensors capable of both sensing the air quality and detecting the presence of objects on the hob: when the pan is positioned, the cooker hood will light up, illuminating the hob by activating the LEDs inside the two ceramic domes.

Supernova Automatic independently adjusts the suction speed as it detects the intensity of cooking fumes, monitoring the air temperature.



Sensors also detect air quality, which is difficult for human senses to perceive, setting the cooker hood to maintain maximum home comfort.



The innovative functionality of Supernova Automatic cooker hood is perfectly matched by its design, which makes it unique. It consists of a ceiling-mounted suction unit that branches off into two ceramic light units, rigorously handmade, containing extremely sophisticated sensors that allow the hood to operate in full autonomy.


An example of Ceiling Hood: Zendra Ceramic domes containing presence, temperature and air quality sensors, for the automatic hood management.


Sirius has planned to install the best technology that inspired Supernova Automatic on other products in its range.



SENSE is an automatic ceramic lamp.
Thanks to the technology developed by Sirius, it detects the air quality and the temperature produced during cooking, automatically activating the suction of the Synthesis induction hob.


Synthesis venting hob managed by SENSE: a ceramic lamp with sensors capable of automatically managing the suction of the cooker hood integrated in the hob.