'STONE' by Sirius,

When innovation meets tradition. The new vision in the subject of “disappearance”



The will of essentiality and minimalism in the kitchen environment, which prompted Sirius to introduce the Downdrafts range in 2005, returns overwhelming and is charged with new life.

The starting point is always the same but it evolves and adjust one's aim in a chameleon perspective: THE STONE.

Stone by Sirius operatingThe beginnings of the Downdraft conception saw the need to create a disappearing compartment for the appliance, which in any case remained clearly visible even when turned off. The evolution, in the Sirius idea, is to dress the hood sewing it on the same dress as the top, so to blend it in perfectly.

The desire for integration of appliances in the kitchen space is completed to such an extent that they are non-existent when extraction is not necessary.

Let the name STONE not mislead you, in fact the system can be applied to any material you choose for your kitchen, as long as the portion of the top to be lifted does not exceed 5kg.
The name recalls a visual oxymoron that combines a material so heavy, as indeed the stone, to an idea of lightness, so to be able to be mechanically separated from the surface and lifted.

The innovation means for Sirius: living the present without forgetting the past. So STONE is a synergy between the very first Sirius Downdraft and the new vision on the subject of "disappearance".

Stone by Sirius integrated in the cooktop

The high technology of the lifting system, the absence of noise and the high efficiency LED bar remain unchanged.

In terms of safety, as in all Downdraft Sirius models, is confirmed the presence of the anti-crushing system – which has become increasingly necessary also due to the increasing presence of children in the kitchen. This allows a safe use of the appliance, not only for human being, but also indispensable in the event that in its downward movement the hood encounters the resistance of any other object that could break itself or could break the donwndraft’s scrolling carriage by forcing it.

The STONE is available in the two standard dimensions 90cm and 120cm, in order to guarantee correct extraction combined with the two main hob dimensions and perfectly cover the necessary extraction space.

As well the controls are revisited: the hood is now managed by a remote control and, to complete its camouflage inside the top, also by a control panel (equipped with 4-speed Touch control, light and timer) installed inside the underlying cabinet: whether it is equipped with drawers or doors.

High performance is combined for the first time with an idea "without design": the aesthetics in fact rest on a pre-existing piece of furniture: the kitchen worktop.

Sirius puts the idea.
When in function STONE asserts an enviable stage presence, with starring the cold, elegant and imposing character of the steel (stainless steel 304) and the LED bar, to then close, disappearing like a beautiful scenography behind a theatrical curtain at the end of the show.