Different extraction modes for every type of home and habit.



The selection of the cooker hood most suitable for you, should start with the choice of the extraction mode.

It is necessary to base both on the location of the kitchen, because the structure of the house may not be suitable for the installation of a duct to let the expulsion of fumes outside, and on the habits and needs of each family. The majority of the Sirius models can be installed in both ducting and filtering modes: this allows you to look at the design without neglecting a conscious functional choice.

Sirius has also developed the unique Smart Air Management System, where the two traditional extraction systems, filtering and ducting, are combined with the purification function of the air.


Ducting Hood

The hood installed in ducting mode captures the vapours and odours produced by the food during the cooking thanks to the action of a high-performance fan placed in its inside. The aspirated air, saturated with vapours and odours, first passes through a system of grease filters which purifies it, and then it is conveyed inside the chimney which takes it outside. The hood installed in ducting version guarantees very high performances, necessary above all in new “open space” environment, where the kitchen and living room blend into one and where the need of eliminate odours and guarantee an excellent air circulation is stronger than ever. This great advantage, however, must be reckoned with the heat loss that this high-suction system can cause, and with a higher noise level, although reduced to a minimum thanks to the most innovative brushless motors (BRH) and the range of external motors proposed by Sirius.


Filtering Hood

The hood in the filtering version, also equipped with a high-performance motor, has no output pipes because it takes and filters the air by retaining, inside the filters (charcoal and grease filters) the odours, fumes and fats that are released in the kitchen during cooking, and then pour it back into the same environment from which he sucked it. The filtering hood solves the problem of heat dispersion, through an internal air recirculation. Sirius analyses, calibrates, reinvents. Sirius recognize questions from the community and brings them beyond.

Hive ceramic hood

S.A.M.S. (Smart Air Management System)

The key concept of the new S.A.M.S. is to go beyond the alternative. The two classic suction systems come together, enriching themselves with a new and unprecedented function: that of purification. The energy saving of the filtering version, the high efficiency of a ducting system and the technology of a purifier come together in a single appliance.


When switched on, the product is automatically set in ducting version, but the user has the option to change the extraction mode switching to the filtering one by using the S.A.M.S. button. This button is also capable of indicating the quality of the air by varying its colour: White: pure air; Blue: clean air; Orange: poor quality air; Red: bad air.

Purification system: The setting in the filtering version also involves the presence of the purification system: the product incorporates an air quality sensor, two ionizers and carbon filters placed laterally. The air recirculation remains the same: outwards in the ducting version and inwards in the filtering version, but allows a greater degree of subjectivity of the user based on one's needs.