Sirius brand novelties on display at the Salone del Mobile



The 62nd edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan has just ended and has exceeded all expectations, recording record attendance results.

In this exceptional context, Sirius has been able to distinguish itself again, perfectly combining new designs and technologies and expressing the "industrial craftsmanship" that identifies the brand.


Less ceiling hoods Stand Sirius at Eurocucina-FTK 2024


An example is the GEORGIE model, a wall-mounted hood designed as a shelf, in which the handmade front ceramic cover, recalls the shape of a drape, giving the product elegance and lightness.

Also, the chosen colours follow the current trend, an antique pink, an olive green and a dove grey create reflections and shadows that enhance the shapes.


Less invisible ceiling hoods The new ceramic wall hood: Georgie



The SLTC122 model has achieved a considerable interest: a t-shape wall hood with perimetral suction and anti-drop system, with a "Dark Anthracite" finishing, obtained thanks to a special surface painting, with which to the product is given a unique colour, leaving visible both optically and tactile the satin effect of stainless steel.

An innovative product from the functional point of view is the FLAT anti-drop model, a vertical and ultra-thin wall hood (only 235mm deep) equipped with the anti-drop system that avoids the phenomenon of condensation between the glass surface and the vapours coming from the hob.


SLT 958 ceiling hoods

Wall hood: Flat anti-drop



The majesty of the MELODY model, an island hood with a matt black metal structure and smoked glass shelves, to which the 90cm functional module can be added, reaching the dimensions of 180 and 270cm and allowing the enrichment of the hood with aromatic herbs, kitchen accessories or design accessories. This model is also equipped with the anti-drop system.


SLT 958 ceiling hoods

The island hood Melody



As for technological innovation, the system that allows the hood operation in a completely autonomous mode, patented by Sirius, is applied not only to the model of ceiling hood SUPERNOVA, but also to the built-in unit SUPERHERO, whose aesthetics appear perfectly consistent with the cutting-edge technology it contains.


SLT 958 ceiling hoods

Automatic built-in hood: Superhero



Paying particular attention to the air treatment of the whole domestic environment, Sirius has developed and presented the new and innovative AEOLUS oven hood.

Positioned above a 60cm wide oven, it is activated manually once the food is placed in the oven at a minimum speed without any noise. When the oven door is opened, the hood automatically switches to full speed, signalled by a red symbol in the display, completely eliminating the annoying steam that is released.


SLT 958 ceiling hoods

Oven hood: Aeolus



A theme very dear to Sirius is the attention to energy saving and therefore to the environment, that it has faced presenting the new patented system S.A.M.S, present at the Salone in the ARROW wall hood.

Thanks to this innovative system, the hood is installed in the ducting version but can be transformed into an air purifier.

Ducting as it can be installed with the exit of the cooking fumes outside the house, but once the cooking is finished, or if the air quality detected by the sensor is degraded, through the appropriate button in the touch control, is transformed into a purifier by reintroducing filtered and purified air within the domestic environment.
Pure air, energy saving and maximum efficiency

DNA is the new Sirius venting hob, whose name wants to underline the existing connection between the model of hood downdraft with the history Sirius, one of the first companies to patent its operation.

This product combines the trend of the latest venting hobs with downdraft technology and functionality: DNA in fact works as a venting hob, capturing the vapours and fumes of cooking through the grid positioned flush with the induction hob, but also as a downdraft, which comes out thanks to the manual opening system, whenever a more intense suction is required, in the case of cooking with higher pots.


SLT 958 ceiling hoods

Venting hob-downdraft: DNA