Innovation in the installation of ceiling hoods



The success of ceiling hoods in recent years has encouraged continuous research on new technologies and new designs to offer consumers a wide range of products that can meet all kind of needs.

The ceiling hoods were a novelty in the kitchen hood sector because they combined aesthetics, functionality and discretion due to their placement in the ceiling.

Sirius has designed various models of ceiling hoods, different for lighting (LED bars or perimetral LED, for example in the INSIDE OUT model; spotlights, such as in the FRAME; LED panel for example in the ORIGAMI), for finishes: black, white or stainless steel (as in ATMOS); for materials: steel or glass (FRAME); for sizes (ZENDRA 1080x680; SCREEN 850x500); for design, whereas some models have descending light units (HALO, KITE, SUPERNOVA).


Less ceiling hoods KITE


This type of hood was born from the need to have an almost invisible product, concealed in the ceiling.

Initially, the study focused on the right suction capacity that a hood placed higher up than all hoods on the market at the time had to have.

Ceiling hoods require a plasterboard ceiling for their installation: this way the hood is incorporated into the plasterboard niche and is visually flush with the ceiling.


Less invisible ceiling hoods LESS



The main problem with ceiling hoods is the thickness of the hood, which requires an adequate ceiling depth.

To avoid lowering the ceiling, Sirius has in recent years introduced a flat motor that allows the hood to be installed using lower ceilings.


Sirius has introduced in all its models of ceiling hood with motor on board, an ultra-flat motor, able to significantly reduce the thickness of false ceiling necessary for the installation of the hood.This type of hood was born from the need to have an almost invisible product, concealed in the ceiling.


SLT 958 ceiling hoods
Sirius hoods flat motor SLT 958 INOX



In addition to being a valid aesthetic and space-saving solution, the flat motor guarantees unparalleled performance thanks to a design that allows a smoother air circulation inside.