Sirius fully automatic cooker hoods


‘Intelligence that breathes and becomes intuition. The revolution in the kitchen you don't expect (...)
It's time to embrace the future!’

These were the words of presentation for the new Sirius product ‘SUPERHERO’ at the Eurocucina-FTK 2024.

After the success of the ceiling hood "SUPERNOVA AUTOMATIC" presented at the Salone del Mobile 2022, the innovative system A.I.S. (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM) patented by Sirius has been applied to the SENSE lamp and now to the new SUPERHERO built-in unit.

The technology, which can be used independently of the hob used (gas, induction, etc.), uses latest generation sensors that allow the hood to activate independently and automatically adjust the suction power, constantly monitoring the temperatures and air quality generated by cooking.

Supernova Automatic was the first hood with which Sirius presented its patented A.I.S. system.  It is a ceiling hood that combines high suction efficiency with sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology. The two descending domes are entirely in ceramic, made and painted by hand by the artisans of Deruta. Inside the domes are all the sophisticated presence and temperature sensors, which allow automatic operation of the ceiling hood.

The two ceramic domes each have a LED spotlight, which allows perfect illumination of the hob and that turn on independently once the sensors have perceived the presence of objects on the hob.


supernova automatic cooker hoods Ceiling Hood Supernova Automatic


SENSE is a handmade ceramic lamp that, in combination with the Synthesis venting hob, allows fully automatic operation:
its sensors detect air quality and monitor the temperature produced during cooking, automatically activating the suction of the venting hob to which it is connected, adjusting the suction power adequately.

The lamp above the top allows, in addition to the efficient operation due to the automatic management through highly reactive sensors, a correct illumination of the venting hob.


sense ceramic lamp with air and temperature detection AUTOMATIC LAMP SENSE



Superhero is the first built-in unit, with an extremely innovative design, equipped with this special technology: as soon as the cooker hood perceives the presence of objects on the worktop, it activates the light from the two dynamic and dimmable LED bars.

As you proceed with the cooking, the built-in unit independently adjusts the suction power, identifying the most appropriate through constant detection of temperature and air quality operated by its special sensors.

Superhero is also equipped with a chrome push-button panel that allows manual control of the built-in unit.


Essence, kitchen top incorporated hood

Built-in hood Superhero