Sirius solutions to make the kitchen environment quieter



The guide to the right product necessarily leads to the choice of motor, which over time has become more than just a technical component, an expression of different living requirements.

Sirius offers a wide range of external motors, designed specifically to eliminate noise from the domestic environment due to the installation of high-performance extraction units.

Whoever buys a product has to reckon with the conformation of their home and their own habits, the new habits have united spaces until some time ago separated. The need for sharing, for conviviality.

The kitchen has become nowadays an integral part of the living area, and the cooker hood must now, more than ever, satisfy two needs: high performance, the hood must be able to efficiently eliminate odours from larger rooms, and absence of noise in a space that has become the protagonist of different activities.

How can this need be met?  By moving the noise outside.

The birth of these new environments has prompted Sirius to revisit the classic on-board motor installations, proposing a range of external motors that can be placed in different parts of the house, confirming once again its project of "made to measure".


SEM 1 | SEM 8

These solutions allow air to be conveyed outside through the roof by installing the motor in the attic.
The two units that can be installed under the roof, SEM 1 or SEM 8, differ in their flow rate: 1200m3/h for SEM 8 and 1000m3/h for SEM 1.


motor in the attic SEM 1 | SEM 8



This solution, like its predecessors, conveys the suction to the roof, but avoids the encumbrance of the engine in the attic: the engine is a kind of chimney that can be installed directly on the roof.


Engine on the roof SEM 9


SEM 2 | SEM 7

If the structure of the house does not allow the exit to the sky, the solution is the installation of motors SEM 2 or SEM 7: the suction takes place through the motor located on the outside wall of the house. The two units differ in their flow rate: 1000m3/h for the SEM 2 and 1500m3/h for the SEM 7.


Motor outside the walls SEM 2 | SEM 7


Space-saving External Motors: SEM10 and SEM 12

A separate discourse must be made for Downdraft hoods, which as for other types of hoods have both on-board motor version and the external motor version, with a flow rate of 800m3/h in the SEM 10 model and 1000m3/h in the SEM 12.

In these models the remote motor is designed to be installed not outside the house but is moved into the kitchen plinth. The reason for this choice is due to the need not to lose a portion of space where maybe place a drawer, thus reducing the footprint of the Downdraft.


downdraft motors SEM 10 | SEM 12