From 2005 to the present: the history of Sirius downdrafts


The name of the new product presented by Sirius at the Salone del Mobile 2024 is not accidental: in fact, DNA tells us something about who we are today, but it absorbs aspects of the past lived and contains aspects that concern the future.

With DNA, every cooking becomes a unique experience.

It is the ultimate solution for those who want a cutting-edge kitchen, able to combine superior functionality with impeccable design. Get ready to revolutionize your kitchen with DNA, where technology meets the art of cooking.

DNA is another piece, not the last, of a story that has lasted for almost 20 years.

The history of Sirius downdrafts is divided into several models each characterized by innovative aspects: from 2005, the year of the first SDD-1, to the presentation of the product "DNA", Sirius has always sought new technical solutions, functional and decorative to renew the downdraft model.

To mention a few stages, in 2008 the "DOMINO" model was launched, a downdraft that could be placed vertically between the fires or beside them.

In 2011, Sirius launched its first model of "S-DDH1" venting hob, a downdraft integrated in the induction hob, with the idea of uniting both the suction and the cooking area, recovering space on the worktop.

In 2014, Sirius launched the “Push-Up” downdraft model, with an innovative manual opening and closing system that made it accessible to a wider consumer market, while remaining a luxury product.


push-up downdraft with manual opening PUSH UP


In 2016 S-DD13 SUNRISE, was born from the desire to find a new and unprecedented aesthetic for the downdraft model.
The design is proposed by designer Giacomo Fava, who takes inspiration from the jukeboxes of the 40s-50s, with its fluid shapes and soft lines.

Sunrise's innovative design was immediately successful and was awarded the 2017 International Design Awards in Los Angeles. A prestigious award that confirms the excellence of Sirius in the field of design and innovation.


Sunrise downdraft awarded 2016 Sirius product S-DD13 SUNRISE



The study of new applications of "retractable" technology led over time to move from the downdraft model to those defined as "bench suction".

An example was the "Essence" model: separating from the concept itself the upward and downward mechanism, the hood remains fixed and totally incorporated in the kitchen cabinet while the suction mouth is flush with the top.


Essence, kitchen top incorporated hood



Sirius understands and anticipates the needs of the market and begins to conceive a new concept of aspiration.

Resuming the idea that had been the basis for the design of the model "DD3 Domino" in 2008, Sirius gives life to the DD17 downdraft models in 2016 and "Middle" in 2019, which positioned vertically in the middle of two hobs, anticipated the current trend of cooktops suction.


Middle hood




In 2022 "Stone" was born, an innovative model that blends into the kitchen top.

The hood is covered with the same material as the top and disappears completely from view, leaving room only for the elegance of the top and the purity of the material.
With Stone, Sirius returns to the first downdraft, launched in 2005, reinterpreting it in a modern and even more functional.


SLT 958 ceiling hoods




DNA, the induction hob that redefines the cooking experience.

The result of the fusion between the downdraft model "Push Up" and an advanced induction plan, DNA is designed for those looking for efficiency, elegance and cutting-edge technology.

An induction hob with a stainless-steel suction grid, strategically positioned behind the four cooking zones. This configuration not only ensures impeccable suction, but perfectly integrates the minimalist and refined aesthetics of a modern kitchen.

The real magic comes when cooking with higher pots. Thanks to the "Push Up" downdraft system, it is possible to lift the suction grid by 14 cm. Just a slight pressure to bring the suction mouth closer to the source of the fumes, ensuring a fresh and odour-free cooking environment. This push and pull feature makes DNA the ideal companion for any type of preparation, from daily cooking to more elaborate dinners.

DNA stainless steel design is not just an aesthetic choice. Its resistance and ease of cleaning make it perfect for intensive use, without compromising on the beauty of your kitchen.

Every detail has been designed to offer a product that not only performs at the highest levels, but also becomes a design element, able to embellish every space.


DNA venting hob