A cooker hood equipped with the air purification system, which is positioned inside the upper chimney. The system consists of an air quality sensor, 2 ionizers and a valve operated by a micromotor that allows the fumes to be diverted either to the outside (ducting mode), or to the charcoal filters and ionizers positioned on the sides (filtering mode).

This range hood is equipped with a new Touch control having a S.A.M.S. button, indicating always the air quality through the color variation. A cooker hood equipped with the air purification system, which is positioned inside the upper chimney.

White: clean air;
Blue: good air;
Orange: medium air;
Red: bad air.

By pressing the button “S.A.M.S.”, you can change the version of the hood from ducting (open valve and air exhausted outside) to filtering and purifying (closed valve; fumes go out through the side grills of the chimney; the air returns to the kitchen once filtered and purified thanks to high efficiency charcoal filters and ionizers).

The Smart Air Management System is usually set in ducting version (Fig.1). The valve is open and fumes go outside through a ducting system. After installation, the product works as a standard range hood, with a white colour rear-lighted touch control.

After or while cooking, if the button (S.A.M.S) highlights a bad air quality, you can activate the Smart Air Management system by pressing this button (Fig.1A).
The backlight of the touch control changes from white to blue colour.
The valve closes, the ionizers start functioning and the air returns to the kitchen through the chimney side grills.

The process of filtration and air purification takes place through 2 High Performance charcoal filters and 2 ionizers.
You can keep on using all the product functions as usual (change in speed, lights, etc).
You can activate this new system even when the product is switched off, in case of bad quality air.

By pressing the button “S.A.M.S.”, the range hood sets in filtering mode with motor at 1st speed.
You can permanently set the Smart Air Management function during installation.
You just have to hold down the button “S.A.M.S” for at least 3 seconds in order to set the product in ducting or filtering version.

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