High suction efficiency
Using a brushless motor allows to lower the consumption (kw/h) by 85% when the appliance is used in the low – medium speeds and by 35% in high speeds.

This is the quietest motor in the market and its performances remain stable in any given use condition, even with complicated installations.

Longer life of the product

Sirius bi-power technology allows to get a high energy saving and a higher product efficiency, especially in range hoods in filtering version or range hoods installed in ducting version with ducts having diameters less than 150 mm.

The range hood is equipped with a 800 m3/h fan. Through this innovative technology and touch control, you can set the parameters of power capacity (m3/h), absorption (W) and noise level (dBA).

This means an improvement in terms of efficiency thanks to an airflow suitable for the application (filtering or ducts having diameters less than 150 mm), an energy saving of about 35% and a noise level reduction of about 12%.