“To love beauty is to see light” 
Victor Hugo 

Light interacts with materials in captivating ways, refracting on stainless and glass surfaces to create multiple charming effects. In the upcoming 2019 edition of Living Kitchen Sirius will introduce a new range of enlightened products, exhibited in Hall 4.2 (Booth B015) from the 14th to the 20th of January 

With the ceiling hood Chandelier, Sirius initiates a new product category.
Light and aspiration have found the perfect balance. These two distinctive elements talk together in harmony, giving life to a unique object. The aspiration system, only 20 cm high, is completely built in the false ceiling and it is equipped with a brushless motor, allowing a powerful and silent aspiration. The light ring, featuring state of the art LED lights and a high – efficiency opal diffusor, allows a uniform light distribution with an elevated visual comfort

Every human being has a different physical perception of light and beauty.
Sirius is bringing forth its own 

Come look with our eyes and see
Sirius. Welcome to first class