Sirius S.p.A. is participating in the 2018 edition of Eurocucina / FTK.

From the 17th to the 22nd of April new models, technologies and projects are in great display at our booth (PAV. 15, A25/B24).

The project “Ceramic: Handmade in Deruta”, realized in cooperation with the masters of Deruta (Umbria), has been designed for Sirius by Giacomo Fava.
This collection of hoods carries on the cooperation between arts/handicrafts and industry:
perfectly handmade ceramic shells contain the finest technology, in a visionary and yet traditional perspective. Though being produced in series, these models maintain that uniqueness and authenticity which stands for the unmistakable taste of Made In Italy.

Sirius is also presenting a new concept of cooker hood connected to the induction hob.
Being aware of new technology trends that are altering the way in which we live in and perceive the space even in our own kitchens, Sirius wants to develop concepts and solutions that only use technology to improve people’s life. We are always working in tight cooperation with our customers, to hear out their requests and, above all, to get beyond any trend or fashion and create products that can last over the long – term, with which you can fall in love.   

Loyal to its origins, Sirius – which has patented the first full functioning downdraft system –
is presenting two new models of downdraft, which embody the perfect synthesis of functionality, aesthetic and efficiency. Their refined looks also demonstrate that, in spite of market changes, a victorious idea can stay true to itself over the years.

Sirius is deeply honored to share its products, perspectives and insights with you during and after the fair.

Join us on our innovation journey.
Sirius: Welcome to first class