Handmade in Deruta is a collection of cooker hoods designed by Giacomo Fava and realized in cooperation with the town of Deruta. Every single piece is entirely handcrafted from ceramic masters of the Umbrian town, renowned in the whole world for exquisite ceramic handcrafting. Unique creations stem from the simple mixture of water and clay, modeled by the hands of the craftsman – artist. Processing times are slow and require many delicate steps in order to perfect the finish product by hand

Ceramic is an extraordinary material: it is malleable, flexible, endowed with the most resisting physical properties. In spite of its limitless potential, though, designers have always considered ceramic as a material that rather belongs to sculptors and, to some extent, to bathroom fixtures. There are only few examples of ceramic which is applied to the production of industrial forms

The curiosity of experimenting new styles in a typically industrial field, such as the one of household appliances, pushed us forward. It led us to overthrow the line between art/craftsmanship and manufacturing. We gave life to objects with a technological soul that, although being produced in series, maintain the authenticity which is typical of a unique piece.