Vocational training, cooperation and team spirit are our philosophy. Our ideas, the research and the choice of single components, the vision of each particular and the care down to the smallest detail are our best and more progressive technological solutions towards a continuous development of exclusive products.
The professionalism and the experience of our technical team, the cooperation with our customers and the choice of all necessary components enable us to realize exclusive technologies and innovative products.
In Sirius laboratory, we can carry out the following tests:
Life test

Noise level test
Lux (light) test
Airflow test
Grease filtering test
Stand-by test
Cooking functionality test
We work with passion.
Production is a philosophy of daily professionalism that arises in the choice of raw materials, in the single processing, in the finishing and in the quality of glasses. Everything enables Sirius to realize innovative products with unique and timeless style and quality.